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“I never think of the future it comes soon enough. ” Albert Einstein


Today, as it was yesterday, ours is a story of manual skills and ingenuity. It’s a story which began in 1966, when NAJJAR family, founded a company involved in thermal insulation by drawing on their experience within the industry. The primary objective of the current Steering Board is the ongoing research in the area of innovation for the purpose of improving competitiveness: safety, search for new materials and staff training are the key factors that guide the strategic management.

The entire company organization is constantly monitored in order to assure the best service for clients.

SNIFT ensures all type of industrial thermal insulation, electronic tracing installation of cold rooms, supply and installation of refrigeration panels, movable partitions, false ceilings, cladding, PU foam injection. Sheet metal work to specification, Scaffolding.

SNIFT offers floor-to-ceiling views of the new design rooms: drywall, movable partitions and movable partitions, all kinds of suspended ceilings, raised floors and floor coverings and walls.

SNIFT offers a complete range of insulation products that will enhance your comfort, you permettreront to achieve energy savings by reducing your energy bill.


In the industrial sector, it is possible to reduce levels of thermal dispersion drastically. Too often however, techniques used are those from the past.

Our systems have been well thought out, created and installed in many different types of places, and every thermal insulation system features characteristics and solutions that are unique for every use. Each element has been chosen, planned and created according to the specific function it has to carry out.


The human factor is a decisive one: skills, experience and the careful attention given by our specialized technicians all represent the first guarantee in quality in plans both small and large.

Apart from the courses required by law regarding saftey in the workplace, our collaborators take part in courses periodically to improve communications quality and group integration, and particular attention is paid to the aptitudes of each individual. Creating responsibility, motivating and involving our entire staff means creating a common direction. Learning to create know-how. A close-knit team that is prepared and efficient and works exclusively to the advantage of the client in terms of quality and reduced time parameters.


Our planners have to deal with complex requests every day which have to be carried out quickly, while specialized assemblers are those who often find themselves working in different types of places with characteristics that are uniquely distinct. These and other factors can lead to assessment errors and cause misunderstandings.
A careful analysis of workflows, knowledge of data and relevant factors, especially critical ones, are determining elements in creating solutions to problems that may come out. Problem solving is the method of turning what is commonly thought of as a problem into a manageable plan, thereby eliminating the causes of the problems themselves quickly.


Our vision of the future is based on our hands-on experience gained throughout our history. New technologies have been created which allow us to take on new types of projects, to realize pre-established goals and to confront the challenges of the future. Our ideals, enthusiasm and commitment remain unchanged as they have through the years, and as they will into the future.

They trust us