The sole will that guide us is your satisfaction
Adapted solutions

Our research will suggest solutions adapted to environments and constraints related to production (fire behavior, wetlands, noise, heat, etc.)

Quality materials

We do not work exclusively with our suppliers. We are thus able to seek quality products for specific needs

Experienced team

Our technicians installers work every day for our customers. Experiences and the quality of our facilities allow you to enjoy a perfect pose as technical opinion CSTB accordance with DTU 45.1 (thermal insulation of refrigerated buildings).

Proposal strength

Our teams are on the lookout for news related to materials and installation techniques, They Will be happy to share with you Their passion and make you aware of the Evolution of our business.

Quick intervention and respect of schedule

As a solution provider, our goal is the satisfaction of our clients. For this, we guarantee short lead times interventions and respect for schedules defined upstream.

Transmission of all documents

After our intervention we will send all documents related to the compliance of your installation: calepinage Plans, PPSPS, DOE, DGD, ...


SNIFT specializes in insulation and industrial insulation, meets deadlines taking into account the constraints of production ...

They trust us